We are providing this glossary of musical instrument repair terms towards the ends of providing customer education and insuring better communication. Moreover, we will periodically publish a newsletter [sic, at a Newsletter tab] that expands on and more fully treats one definition from this list.

Adjust Articulation:

set key arms and feet to properly interact

Adjust Key Height:

set height of key cups relative to tone holes for proper intonation and venting

Clean Body:

remove oil, dirt and dust

Clean Keyrod:

remove old oil, dirt and dust

Clean Tone Hole:

remove accumulated dirt and materials from edge and chimney of tone hole

Level keycup:

ditto; also see "Straighten keycup" below

Level tone hole:

face and true surface of tone hole to make it level

Lubricate keys:

Oil the ends of rods and screws

Make hinge screw:

fabricate new hinge screw; see website tab, Custom Repairs

Make key:

fabricate new key

Make spatula:

fabricate new spatula

Oil-immerse body:

See website tab, "Premium Repairs: Immerson & Restoration"

Polish key:

clean and buff key

Refit key:

tighten loose keys to eliminate play, or loosen binding keys, as applicable

Replace missing braces:


Replace key cork:

remove old cork; use adhesive to attach new cork; and shape new cork to key

Replace key roller:


Replace missing keys:


Replace missing screws:


Replace missing spatulae:


Replace pad (see repad):

remove existing pad & adhesive; fit new, right-sized pad; attach with adhesive

Replace silencer:

replace felt or leather silencer on key arms and/or feet

Replace spring:


Replace teflon glide:

use teflon on keys to enhance movement

Replace tenon cork:

remove old cork; seal wood, then attach and fit new cork to socket

Straighten bent post:


Straighten guard:


Straighten keycup:

level cup rim; then level cup relative to tone hole

Straighten rods:


True socket/tenon:

remove binding wood from socket, or adjust tenon/socket fit with new cork

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