NCWR is not a music store, but certain hard to find accessory items are stocked. These items represent what I use on my own instruments. I do not sell anything that I am not willing to use myself. I sell Naylor's Organic Bore Oil Formula, Naylor's Bore Oiling Rods, Organic Based Cork Grease, and other accessory items that meet our exacting requirements.

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Hanky Swab-Clarinet Clarinet Swab (Hanky) 100% Cotton Product Details
Oboe/English Horn Swab Silk Oboe/English Horn Swab, "Demand Silk". Product Details
Naylor’s Organic Bore Oil Formula (1 Oz. Bottle) Naylor’s Organic Bore Oil Formula is a blend of organic vegetable oils plus an organic antioxidant. When used as suggested, this formulation provides exceptional protection against saliva damage, dimensional change and crack resistance Product Details
Naylor’s Bore Oiling Rods Custom made in the shop. Tapered brass rod with a thick-gauge wire tip [to hold cotton fabric]. An effective way to “paint” the inside bores of grenadilla instruments. Available for variety of instruments Product Details
Selvyt Cloth, Washable Selvyt Cloth Specifically fabricated, proprietary wipe-down cloth. Contains no abrasives. Washable. Product Details
3M Anti-tarnish Strips, 10 per pack 3M Tarni-Shield Protector Chemically treated paper strips that prevent the build-up of tarnish by absorbing sulfur and nitrogen oxides from the air. [10] strips per package. Product Details
Sunshine Cloth Sunshine Cloth Polishing cloth whose micro-abrasives will not jam key mechanisms; the abrasive remains in the cloth. Product Details
Original Swab Co. - Various Instruments SWABS Produced by The Original Swab Company. These all-cotton cloths of sufficient size and weave can even swab out saxophone bows of saxophones. Available for a variety of instruments. Available for Soprano, A Product Details

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Naylor’s Organic Bore Oil Formula (1 Oz. Bottle) Naylor’s Organic Bore Oil Formula (1 Oz.  Bottle) $8.95

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